Makeover Monday

So I have started this thing were someone sends me a picture of their pet, and I give that pet a makeover. I post one of these makeovers every monday. Here are my makeover monday pets so far.


This is Dexter the Dogtopus


and this is Count Dorris the Secretary

Really looking forward to make more of these! If you have a pet you want to submit, please send me an image of the pet and their name to my email and I might use it for a future Makeover Monday ^^

STEW Magazine

Got my work published in the newest issue of STEW Magazine for curious kids! I just received it in the mail and I’m really happy with how it came out:)
I also feel honoured to have my work with such great company. So many beautiful illustrations in this magazine!




The page 2 illustration is my contribution ^^

Competition Time!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have just launched some competitions on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

This is the prize for the Twitter competition.


You’ll get a a pack of Nintendo Zombie postcards and two other post cards, loads of stickers a keychain and a few temporary tattoos:)

You can find the competition here:

This is the Facebook competition prize.


You’ll get a Dress up Poe paper-doll, a pack of pin-up monster postcards, a keychain, a bunch of stickers and a few temporary tattoos.

You can find the competition here:

And last but not least, here is the prize for the Instagram competition.


You’ll get a Harley Quinn print, a pack of rude postcards, a keychain, some stickers and somer temporary tattoos:)

You can find the Instagram competition here:

All of the competitions end on the 25th of April. And you are free to join any and all of them if you want to.



Meow Wars!

May the Meow be with you!

I have also uploaded a speed paint video of how I drew R2-MEOW2 here:

Easter 2016

Seeing how I’m trying to get better at posting here more frequently I thought I might as well tell you guys about my easter ^^

I had my art-stand at the Arthecon convention. Arthecon is a convention about everything Tolkien, and was held at Oslo’s biggest library the Deichmanske library. They had decorated the whole place with Lord of the Rings and Hobbit interior so it looked amazing. I knew most of the other people having art stands there from earlier conventions, so it felt like I was hanging with friends for the whole day. I also really appreciate all the people stopping by my stand. Thank you!

I also think I found my new office chair at that place.

The easter weekend was spent at my mothers cabin. That place is full of old portraits of the royal family, so I got inspired and drew this.

I was also graced by secretary Doris’s company.

And that about sums it up.